So you want to race?

Please fill out the online registration form below.  You will also need to print off the race waiver form and submit along with your race fees ($5.00) to your school’s race contact prior to May 23rd, 2018. Participants over the age of 18 are not required to sign a race waiver, however, are still required to pay the race fees.  A portion of races fees will be donated to KidSport Manitoba (

Online Registration Form (Click on link below):

Race Waivers (Click on the link below to download a fillable race waiver):

Race Waiver Fillable

Please fill out the race waiver and print it off.  Return it to your school’s race contact along with your race fees ($5.00)

École Robert Browning (School Contact: M. Vermeylen)

Sansome School (School Contact: Ms. Starkell)

Phoenix School (School Contact: Ms. Bremner)

Lincoln Middle School (School Contact: Mr. Thiessen)

Westwood Collegiate (School Contact: Mr. Schmeichel & Mr. Sdrolias)




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